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Spring 1990  (SOLD OUT)

  • The Autobiography of Ernest Gaines by Ernest J. Gaines
  • A Conversation with Lynne Cheney by the editors of Humanities magazine
  • The Creole Controversy by Karen Snyder
  • Improving the Quality of Humanities Education in Louisiana by Rhonda J. Miller
  • Revisiting America Through the Library by James Segreto


Summer 1990  (SOLD OUT)



Fall 1990

  • Politics of Culture  special issue coverage – no author
  • New Orleans Hidden Carnival by Michael P. Smith
  • Thoughts From Lost Cove and Borneo by David E. Whisnant, Ph.D.
  • Louisiana Swing by Bruce Boyd Raeburn


Winter 1990

  • Beyond Louisiana Story by Andrew Horton, Ph.D.
  • A Producer’s Notebook by Peggy Scott Laborde
  • Ike: The Movie by Susanne Roschwalb
  • Documenting Politics Through Film by James Segreto
  • Opening Doors by James Turner
  • Humanities Perspectives 


Spring 1991

  • Sarah Morgan’s Civil War by Charles East
  • Decision at M’sieur Chalmette’s by William Griffin and Jesse Core
  • Expanding the Humanities in Louisiana by Milton Rickels, Ph.D. and Patricia Rickles, Ph. D.
  • Vacations in the Classroom by Kathryn Mettelka, Ph. D.
  • Humanities as Daily Life by the editors of Humanities magazine


Summer 1991

  • Folklife and Louisiana Photography by Frank de Caro, Ph.D.
  • Lifelines of a Woods Cowboy by Nick Spitzer, Ph.D.
  • Family Literacy by Meta Potts, Ph.D.
  • Following Your Bliss BY Robert A. Segal, Ph.D.


Fall 1991

  • Reflections on Education by Donald DeVore, Ph.D. and Joseph Logsdon, Ph.D.
  • Heels Over Head in Love by Richard Lederer, Ph.D.
  • All the World’s a Poem by Danella P. Hero


Winter 1991

  • Musical Notes edited by Michael Sartisky, Ph.D. and Thomas A. Dennis
  • Singing From Direct Experience by Ben Sandmel
  • To Sing and Never Tire by Lynn Abbott
  • Evolution of a Cultural Tradition by Michael G. White, Ph.D.


Spring 1992

  • Metropolis in Shades of Black & White  Fiction by Frederick Barton
  • Haitian Art, Haitian Legacy by E. Barry Gaither
  • To Censor or Not to Censor Edited by Michael Sartisky, Ph.D. and Thomas A. Dennis
  • For Love and Curiosity by Kathryn Mettelka, Ph.D.
  • Humanist for All Seasons by Earle Labor, Ph.D.


Summer 1992

  • A Tribute: Dewey Balfa Story by Barry Jean Ancelet, Ph.D.; photographs by Philip Gould
  • Cajun Music & Zydeco Story by Barry Jean Ancelet, Ph.D.; photographs by Philip Gould
  • Louisiana Boys: Raised on Politics by Paul Stekler, Ph.D.
  • Lineman and the Law Fiction by Albert Belisle Davis; Illustrations by Chuck Siler
  • Laissez les bons temps rouler by Kimberly Hanger, Ph.D.


Fall 1992

  • Buffalo Bill and the Mardi Gras Indians Story and photographs by Michael P. Smith
  • The Photographs of Elemore Morgan Stories by John Lawrence and Ed Kerr
  • Letters From My Father Fiction by Robert Olen Butler
  • On the Edge of Civilization by Gwendolyn Midlo Hall, Ph.D.
  • Dancing the Shrimp by Jim Kenny, Ph.D.


Winter 1992  (SOLD OUT)

  • John McCrady’s Southern Scene Story by Matt Martinez
  • Dance With a Chicken Stories by Pat Mire and Barry Jean Ancelet, Ph.D.
  • Africans in Colonial Louisiana Story by Gwendolyn Midlo Hall, Ph.D.
  • Taking Care of Linnie Fiction by Joanna Leake
  • 1993 Media Catalog 


Spring 1993

  • Ernest G. Gaines: A Life in Words Narrative by Ruth Laney
  • Betting on a Man Fiction by Ernest J. Gaines; photographs by Lloyd Vogt
  • A Certain Slant of Light story by Michael Sartisky, Ph.D.
  • Casting a Long Shadow Story by Glen Jeansonne, Ph.D.
  • Giving Offense Speech by John E. Frohnmayer
  • A Spicy Tail: The Cultural History of Crawfish Story by Glen Pitre


Summer 1993

  • Jazzman Danny Barker Story by Michael Tisserand; photographs by Michael P. Smith and Syndey Byrd
  • The Birth of Rhythm and Blues Story by Laura Dankner and Grace Litchenstein
  • Seeing Us: Ruston, Louisiana at Work Photo Essay by Camille Jungman
  • Porch Talk Fiction by Susan Larson
  • Telling Tales Fiction by Suzanne Stouse
  • What We Write, Why We Write, and Who Cares Essay by Richard Ford


Fall 1993

  • A Pulitzer Portrait: Robert Olen Butler Interview by Michael Sartisky, Ph.D.; Photographic Portraits by Philip Gould
  • Passionate Visions: Southern Self-Taught Artists Story by Alice Rae Yellen; Photographs courtesy of New Orleans Museum of Art
  • Banana Republic Photo Essay by Keith Calhoun
  • Strawberry Culture Story by William Parrill, Ph.D.; photographs by Michael P. Smith
  • Glass House Fiction by Christine Wiltz; photographs by Michael P. Smith


Winter 1993  (SOLD OUT)

  • Kate Chopin’s North Louisiana Awakening by Story by Emily Toth, Ph.D.
  • Through the Glass Darkly Story by Louise Hoffman
  • Interview with Anne Rice Interviewby Kenneth Holditch, Ph.D.; Photographic Portraits by Philip Gould
  • Byrd’s Eye View by Photo Essay by Syndey Byrd
  • Perpetual Hope Fiction by Anne Elezabeth Pluto; photographs by Sandra R. Clark and Michael Sartisky
  • The Divine Call Story and photographs by Susan Roach, Ph.D.


Spring 1994

  • The Battle of Liberty Place Storyby Judith Kelleher Schafer, Ph.D.
  • Music from the Piney Woods  Story by Richard Boyd,  photographs by Scott Threlkill
  • Framing a Century Story by Jessie Poesch, Ph.D. and Randolph Delehanty, Ph.D.
  • Louisiana Gothic: Recollections of the Thirties Story by Paul Conklin, Ph.D. and Betty Field, Ph.D.
  • A Tribute: Al Rose Story by Michael Tisserand
  • Hair-Trigger Pencil Lines Fiction by David Madden


Summer 1994

  • Slave Economy & Material Culture Story by Roderick A. McDonald
  • Palette and Form Story by William Fagaly; Captions by Randolph Delehanty
  • Art That Wraps the Soul: An Interview with John Scott  Interview by Michael Sartisky, Ph.D.; Photographic Portraits by Philip Gould
  • The Nun and the Founding Fiction by Shirley Ann Grau
  • The World According to Duke Story by Tyler Bridges
  • Cajun Poem by Sheryl St. Germain


Fall 1994

  • Carry Me Home Photographic Essay by Debbie Fleming Caffery
  • The Creole Tradition Story by Michael Tisserand; photographs by Syndey Byrd & Philip Gould
  • A Prized Public Scholar: Peggy Prenshaw Interview by Michael Sartisky, Ph.D.
  • Hidden Nation Story by Barbara Sillery
  • The Fallen Bridge Fiction by John Gregory Brown photographs by Annette Fournet


Winter 1994

  • Clyde Connell: Abstracting the Essence Interview by Michael Sartisky, Ph.D.; Photographic Portrait by Philip Gould
  • The Late Paintings of Giverny by Claude Monet Essay by Sharon E. Stearns; Photographs courtesy of New Orleans Museum of Art
  • An American Utopia Story by Beverly Lewis and Rick Blackwood
  • Love and Abuse: Families in Colonial Louisiana Story by Vaughan B. Baker, Ph.D.
  • Father Night Fiction by Shelia Bosworth; Illustrations by Odd Nerdrum


Spring 1995  (SOLD OUT)

  • Plantations Along the River: The Paintings of Father Paret Story by H. Parrott Bacot, Jay D. Edwards, Suzanne Turner, and Marcel Boyer; translations from the French by Carl Blyth
  • Church of Soul: Portraits of Louisiana Culture Introduction and Paintings by Leslie Staub
  • Haunted Waters, Fragile Lands Story by Glen Pitre
  • Endurance and Celebration Photo Essay by Chandra McCormick
  • Of, For, and by the People Fiction by John Dufresne


Summer 1995

  • On Capitol Grounds  photographs by Philip Gould; text by Lawrence N. Powell
  • Holocaust Survivors: Portraits and Conversations Photographs and introduction by John Menszer
  • Cajun and Creole Folktales by Barry Jean Ancelet
  • Buying Rats by Bryan M. Gowland
  • At Mr. Dick Thompson’s Fiction by Patrick Posey Garrett; photographs by Camille Jungman


Fall 1995

  • Writing About Race in Difficult Times: An Interview with Ernest Gaines Interview by Michael Sartisky  photographs by Philip Gould
  • Island of Saints and Souls Photographic Essay by Neil Alexander
  • Shreveport & Bossier City photographs by Neil Johnson; essay by Jim Montgomery
  • Leafy Anderson: Seed Carrier of Black Hawk’s Memory by Jason Berry
  • Raoul’s Silver Song Fiction by Kalamu ya Salaam


Winter 1995  (SOLD OUT)

  • Louisiana Music Legends A Photo Essay by Syndey Byrd
  • Vietnam Testimony: Two Veterans Recount Their Roles at My Lai Ron Ridenhour and Hugh Thompson
  • Fading Textures A photo Essay by Lee Estes
  • A River Runs Through New Orleans Fiction by Lee Estes
  • 1996 Media Catalog


Spring 1996

  • Streetcar Stories by Michael Mizell-Nelson
  • Evolving Art: Memory, Place and Imagination; An Interview with Keith Sonnier by Marguerite Oestreicher
  • Jazz Funerals A Photo Essay by Michael P. Smith
  • The Great Sea Fiction by John Gorge Brown; photographs by William Guion


Summer 1996  (SOLD OUT)

  • Discovering Despujols by Dana Kress
  • Place of Invention: An Interview with Richard Ford by Michael Sartisky, Ph.D.
  • Brownsville Fiction by Tom Piazza; photographs by Kerry McCaffety
  • The Laura Simon Nelson Collection of Louisiana Art Introduction and Captions by George E. Jordan
  • Coming Up Hard in New Orleans by Tony Scherman


Fall 1996  (SOLD OUT)

  • Memory and Vision: The Paintings of Sarah Albritton by Susan Roach and Peter Jones
  • Sacred and Profane: The Taboo Collection of Jean Despujols by Dana Kress
  • Vote For Me by Paul Stekler
  • The Courtship of Merlin LeBlanc Fiction by Tim Gautreaux


Winter 1996  (SOLD OUT)

  • Fire On The River by William A. Fagaly
  • Louisiana People and Places: Photography by Fonville Winans by Cyril E. Vetter
  • The Noble and the Savage Daniel H. Usner, Jr.
  • Bygone Scenes of the Bayou: The Paintings of France Folse by H. Parrott Bacot
  • When Plessy Met Ferguson by Keith Weldon Medley


Spring 1997  (SOLD OUT)

  • Manchac Swamp: Louisiana’s Undiscovered Wilderness photographs by Julia Sims; story by John Randolph Kemp
  • YA/YA! by Claudia Barker
  • Sidney Bechet: The Triumph of a New Orleans Artist in Europe Story by Fabrice Zammarchi; translation by Joseph Logsdon; sidebars by Bruce Boyd Raeburn
  • Storyville by Maia Harris and Anne O. Craig
  • The Love We Most Cherish Fiction by Rebecca Wells; photographs by Josephine Sacabo


Summer 1997

  • State Fare introduction by Claudia Kheel-Cox
  • See All About It! by Steve Maklansky
  • To Garden in Louisiana,Which Here is Half of Life by Suzanne Turner; photographs by A.J. Meek
  • Louisiana Highway 1 Photo Essay by Alaine M. LaBauve and Rodney p. Marionneaux
  • Southern Journey by Tom Dent
  • Lords of Misrule by James Gill


Fall 1997

  • Haunter of Ruins introduction by John H. Lawrence
  • French Indochina Through the Camera’s Eye by Donna Kress
  • The Baroness Pontalba by Christina Vella
  • A Life in Biography Interview by Michael Sartisky, Ph.D; photographs by John C. Smart
  • Freedom Ride by Lee Levert
  • Swapping Stories Illustrations by Laura J. Ladendorf


Winter 1997

  • New Deal Art in Louisiana by Maia Jalenak
  • Elysium: A Gathering of Souls Photo Essay by Sandra Russell Clark
  • Interview with John Gregory Brown by Michael Sartisky, Ph.D.
  • Sacred Arts of Haitian Vodou BY Donald J. Cosentino, Sidney Mintz, and Michel-Rolph Trouillot
  • Congo Square: La Place Publique by Jerah Johnson
  • The Heart of Wildness by Patricia Bates, Fran Holman, Karen Cole and Barbara Allen


Spring 1998  (SOLD OUT)

  • Publicly Speaking: The Civic Art of Conrad Albrizio by Carolyn Bercier
  • Images from the Isle: The People and Traditions of Cane River Photo Essay by Joseph Moran
  • The Quilts from Cane River: Vignettes of Domestic Life by Jenna Tedrick Kutruff and Lynn Deal Doyle
  • Mardi Gras Indians and Tootie Montana by Kalamu ya Salaam; photographs by Keith Calhoun and Chandra McCormick
  • Good For What Ails You Photos and Text by Glen Pitre, Nicole Falgoust, and Michelle Benoit
  • Marshland Brace by Chris Segura   Paintings by Allison Stewart


Summer 1998

  • Epiphany of the Mundane An interview of Douglas Bourgeois by Michael Sartisky, Ph.D.
  • The Magical Realism of Debbie Fleming Caffrey  photo essay by Debbie Fleming Caffrey
  • Dancing to the Colors of Rhythm by D. Eric Bookhardt and Jacqueline Bishop
  • Marshall Harvey Twitchell and Red River Parish by Ted Tunnell
  • Blood Feud by Samuel C. Hyde, Jr.
  • Bayou Triste Fiction by Tim Gautreaux; photographs by John Slaughter


Fall 1998

  • In Defiance of Genre: Brenda Marie Osbey an interview with Brenda Marie Osbey by Michael Sartisky, Ph.D.
  • Child Labor in the New South: The Photographs of Lewis Hine by John R. Kemp
  • One Family’s Mardi Gras by Carl Lindahl
  • Churches: The Missing Link in Jazz History by Jason Berry
  • Managing Ignatius by Jerry E. Strahan; photographs by Josephine Sacabo
  • Cultural Corridors: Discovering Jewish Heritage Along the Mississippi River from the Museum of the Southern Jewish Experience


Winter 1998

  • Accordion at the Crossroads by Michael Tisserand
  • Touchstones of Authenticity: A Louisiana Folk Art Collection by Roger Cardinal
  • Arna Bontemps’ Search for Identity by Charles L. James
  • A Sense of Place: Photographer Josephine Sacabo photo essay by Josephine Sacabo
  • The Mysteries of Watson Break by C. Richard Cotton
  • Walking Through Stardust Interview by Nicholas Spitzer; photos by Herman Leonard
  • Sunset Limited Fiction by James Lee Burke; photos by Greg Guirard


Spring 1999  (SOLD OUT)

  • Cast In His Own Mold: Sculptor Enrique Alferez by Don Lee Keith
  • Images of France photo essay by Lee Estes
  • Degas and New Orleans by Gail Feigelbaum
  • When Slaves Died by Jason Berry
  • The Farm by Jonathan Stack
  • Inspirations by Doug MacCash
  • Louisiana’s Literacy Legacy by Kevin McCaffrey
  • Discovering the Mississippi’s Mouth from the journal of Cabeza de Vaca
  • A Life for a Life Fiction by Ernest Hill; photographs by Deborah Luster


Summer 1999  (SOLD OUT)

  • Roots and Routes by Nicholas Spitzer
  • Operatic Odyssey by Ronnie Virgets
  • What Louisiana Architecture Owes to Hispañola (and what it does not) by Joy D. Edwards
  • The Adversarial System Illustrations by Alan Gerson
  • Entrance of the Mississippi by Frances Trollope
  • A Day in the Life of Poverty Point A photo essay by Lee Estes, Kevin Kennedy, Camille Jungman, Deborah Luster, Chandra McCormick  and Jeannie Frey Rhodes
  • Images of Shreveport by Eric J. Brock
  • Rodeo Parole Fiction by Tim Gautreaux; photographs by Cheryl Gerber


Fall 1999

  • All Saints Day: Where Edges Blur photo essay by Owen Murphy
  • That Joker Can Play! by Ben Sandmel; photographs by Rick Olivier
  • The Majesty of the French Quarter photo essay and story by Kerri McCafferty
  • Satire Engraved by H. Parott Bacot
  • “…lucky to have found this place.” photo essay by Herman Leonard
  • Talking by the River Interview by Michael Sartisky, Ph.D.
  • Waiting for a Boat BY Sir Charles Lyell


Winter 1999 (SOLD OUT)

  • Richard Sexton’s River Road photo essay by Richard Sexron
  • In A New Light by John Magill, Mary Lou Eischhorn, and Mark Cave
  • In The Spirit photo essay by Michael P. Smith
  • Haunted Wharves: The Paintings of Simon Gunning 
  • New Orleans Then and Now by Richard and Marina Campanella
  • Castles and Plantations by Mark Twain
  • Roughnecks by Thomas Cochran; photographs by Cheryl Gerber



Spring 2000

  • Why the Moviegoer is not a Movie by Ron Shelton, photographs by Greg Guirard
  • Starring New Orleans: A City in Film by Don Lee Keith
  • The Amistad Collection by Suzanne Johnson
  • Always a River by Ronnie Virgets
  • To Drink from a Glacier by Sheryl St. Germain, photographs by Greg Guirard
  • Rain and Mosquitoes by A. Oakley Hall
  • 2000 Media Catalog 


Summer 2000  (SOLD OUT)

  • Paul Ninas: A Brush Most Modern by John R. Kemp
  • The Reposed photo essay by William K. Greiner, introduction by Steven Maklansky
  • The Vietnamese in Louisiana photo essay by Mark Sindler, introduction by Frank DeCaro
  • Surreal Louisiana photo essay by Bobby Wozniak
  • Hermann-Grima House by Caryn Cassè Ball
  • The Runaway by John James Audubon
  • Louisiana Composers: Then and Now by Lester Sullivan


Fall 2000 

  • Louisiana Faces photo essay by Philip Gould
  • Marie Adrien Persac: Louisiana Painter story by H. Parrott Bacot, Barbara SoRelle Bacot, Sally Kittredge Reeves, John H. Lawrence and John Magill
  • FDR’s PWA in LA story by Robert D. Leighninger, Jr.
  • Troubled Memory story by Lawrence N. Powell
  • A Tour of the Acadian Country story by Alcèe Fortier
  • Yellow Fever and the Louisiana-Mississippi War of 1905 story by Jerah Johnson
  • Lost New Orleans story by Gary Van Zante


Winter 2000  (SOLD OUT)

  • Culture of Agriculture photo essay by Terri Fensel
  • Henry Casselli: Master of the American Watercolor by John R. Kemp
  • Testing Our Humanity an interview with Nicholas Lemann by Michael Sartisky, Ph.D.
  • Agamemnon Among the Bunnies by Robert A. Becker
  • The Mexico Louisiana Creole Connection by Mary Gehman
  • Complicity fiction by Tim Parrish, photographs by David Rae Morris
  • St. James Parish Plantations by W.H. Russell, excerpted from Louisiana Sojourns



Spring 2001 (SOLD OUT)

  • Painting by Heart: The Art of Clementine Hunter by Shelby R. Gilley
  • Louisian Ya-Ya: The Story of Collected Voices introduction by Pamela G. Bordelon
  • Home Away from Home by Donald C. Simmons, foreword by William Winter
  • The Benign Schizophrenia of America by Ron Shelton
  • Perspectives on the City photo essay by Cheryl Gerber
  • Standing Ground fiction by Frederick Barton, photographs by Lee Estes


Summer 2001

  • The Gardens of New Orleans: Exquisite Excess by Lake Douglas and Jeannette Hardy photographs by Richard Sexton
  • Clearing the Red River  by Marguerite R. Plummer and Gary D. Joiner
  • Independent Artist: The Louisiana Legacy of Will Henry Stevens by J. Richard Gruber
  • A New Home for the LEH  by Sally K. Reeves
  • Lafcadio Hearn: The Man Who Invented New Orleans By S. Frederick Staff
  • Myths About Creole Culture by Gwendolyn Midlo Hall


Fall 2001

  • The Louisiana Homefront during WWII by Jerry Sansone
  • Le jour des morts: A day dedicated to the deceased by Robert Florence
  • Oblivion’s Blight: New Orleans’ Girod Street Cemetery by M.L. Eichhorn
  • A Sense of Place, A Sense of Presence photo essay by A.J. Meek
  • The Chase Is On photo essay by Lee Celano
  • Abolitionist Priest in Dixie by Stephen J. Ochs


Winter 2001

  • Cultural Icons: The Louisiana Paintings of Francis Pavy introduction by Michael Sartisky, Ph.D.
  • Adventures in Architecture: The Historic American Buildings Survey in Louisiana by Julie H. McCollam
  • Audubon’s Watch by John Gregory Brown
  • Good Grief: New Orleans Jazz Funerals photo essay by Syndey Byrd; introduction by Jason Berry
  • Swinging at the Blue Moon by Robin Miller
  • The Importance of Being Ernie by Ben Sandeml, sidebar by Bethany Ewald Bultman photographs by Syndey Byrd


Spring 2002

  • The Imagination To Look Backward introduction by George Schmidt
  • The Last Days of Bonnie & Clyde by Keith Pandolfi
  • Louisiana’s Music Makers photo essay by Dick Waterman
  • Mirror Images introduction by Shirley Masinter
  • Behind the Scenes at Carnival by Jason Berry
  • 2002-2003 Media Catalog


Summer 2002  (SOLD OUT)

  • Natchitoches and Louisiana’s Timeless Cane River photo essay by Philip Gould, story by Robert DeBlieux
  • Bearing Witness in Tremé: Saint Augustine Church by George Abry, photographs by Syndey Byrd
  • Vieux Carrè Impressions by John Kemp
  • The Influence of Culture: Architecture of the French Quarter (Part 1 of 2) by Lloyd Vogt, photographs by Robert Brantley
  • Cultural Corridors presented by The Goldring/Woldeberg Institute of Southern Jewish Life
  • No Place, Louisiana fiction by Martin Pousson, photographs by Lee Celano


Fall 2002  (SOLD OUT)

  • Evolving Styles: Architecture of the French Quarter (Part 2) by Lloyd Vogt
  • Raised to the Trade: Creole Building Arts of New Orleans by Mora Beauchamp Byrd and John Michael Vlach
  • “For Those Who Have No Theater” by John O’Neal
  • War Stories by Elizabeth Mullener, foreword by Stephen E. Ambrose
  • Preservation in Paint: Jim Blanchard by John Kemp
  • Louisiana Portraits by John Kemp and Linda Orr King


Winter 2002  (SOLD OUT)

  • Jefferson’s America and Napoleon’s France by Gail Feigenbaum
  • Lingering Evidence photo essay by Richard Sexton
  • Unconscious Phenomena: The artworks of Robert Warrens by Robert M. Daly
  • Italy on the Mississippi by A.V. Margavio and Jerome J. Salomone
  • Michalopoulos’ Architexture 
  • The Final Hours on Isle Deniere by Bethany Ewald Bultman



Spring 2003  (SOLD OUT)

  • Jerry Lee, Mickey & Jimmy: Voices from Ferriday by Ben Sandmel
  • Uniting Conveniences with Pleasure by Lake Douglas
  • Shreveport and the Civil War by Eric J. Brock
  • Pierre Part, Louisiana: Documentary of a Bayou Village photo essay by Roy Trahan and Camille Lally Brennan
  • Louisiana: Documentary of a Bayou Village 
  • Cattle Ranching on the Cajun Prairie by Bill Jones, photographs by Brad Weimer
  • 2003-2004 Media Catalog


Summer 2003  (SOLD OUT)

  • Charting Louisiana: 500 years of Maps by Alfred E. Lemman
  • One Big Self photo essay by Deborah Luster
  • The Germans of New Orleans by Ellen C. Merrill
  • Mrs. Morrow Goes to the Catfish Festival fiction by Danella Hero, photographs by Syndey Byrd
  • Cajun Power! By Shane K. Bernard, photographs by Philip Gould
  • Claiborne’s Rule: “To conciliate the minds of the ancient inhabitants” introduction and edited selections by Adam Nossiter


Fall 2003 (SOLD OUT)

  • Nations Within by Sara Sue Goldsmith and Risa Mueller, photographs by Timothy Mueller
  • The Saga of the Louisiana Rice by Bethany Ewald Bultman
  • Charting Louisiana: 500 Years of Maps (Part 2) by Jason R. Wiese
  • The Dive fiction by Jason R. Wiese
  • Mardi Gras Indians: Contextual Portraits from an Insider’s Point of View photo essay by J. Nash Porter
  • C.C. Antoine: Louisiana Political Pioneer by Eric C. Brock


Winter 2003

  • In Homage to Saint Joseph story and photographs by Kerri McCaffety
  • Killing Ground story and photographs by John Huddleston
  • On the Waterfront photo essay by Keith Calhoun
  • Josephine: Creole Empress by Virginia Noland
  • Louisiana Flavorful Cock-a-Doodle-Doo by Bethany Ewald Bultman
  • Audubon of the West: Andrew Jackson Grayson by Lois Chambers Stone
  • The Clearing by Tim Gautreaux by Tim Gautreaux, photographs by Syndey Byrd


Spring 2004

  • Jesus is My Airplane: The Life and Art of Sister Gertrude Morgan by William Fagaly
  • Majesty and Mystery: The Greek Revival Homes of Keachi by Martin W. Schwarts, photographs by Neil Johnson
  • General Grant’s Big Day by Terrance Winschel
  • The Little Waterway that Time Forgot by Mary Ann Sternberg
  • A Rediscovered Life: The Forgotten Works of Architect Henry Howard by Victor McGee and Robert S. Brantley
  • Louisiana’s Culinary Palette by Bethany Ewald Bultman


Summer 2004  (SOLD OUT)

  • Houmas House: Sugar Palace of the Mississippi by Cynthia Reece McCaffety, photographs by Kerri McCaffety
  • Preservation Hall (of fame) photo essay by Bob Coke
  • Walter Anderson’s New Orleans by Patricia Pinson
  • George L. Vivant: Artist of the Hunt by George E. Jordan
  • Gumbo Ya/Ya and Hey Pocky Way: Willie Birch’s New Orleans by William Fagaly
  • An Ode to the Pig by Bethany Ewald Bultman


Fall 2004

  • A Monk’s Masterpiece by Annemarie Kasteel and Antony Tassis
  • Louisiana Landscapes photo essay by Neil Campbell
  • Ramlin’ On by Ben Sandmel
  • View Carré  photo essay by Louis Sahuc
  • Caddo-Pine Island Oil Boom  by Martin W. Schwartz
  • Lake Charles and Environs  by Karen Kingsley


Winter 2004

  • The Life and Legend of Leadbelly by Charles Wolfe and Kip Lornell
  • Extended Horizons by John R. Kemp
  • Mid-Century Modernism in Louisiana selected photos by Frank Lotz Miller
  • If Ever I Cease to Love photo essay by David Rae Morris
  • Cleaning Your Gun by Laurie Lynn Drummond, photographs by Cheryl Gerber
  • Louisiana’s Ancient Mounds Trail by Mel White
  • 74 Days a Nation by Sam Hyde


Spring 2005

  • Circle Dance: The Art of John Scott by Richard Powell
  • Sojourns from the City by John Magill
  • Honoring Robert Penn Warren by David Madden
  • Carville: Remembering Leprosy in America by Marcia Gaudet
  • Red River Journals by Thomas Freeman and Peter Custis
  • Welcome to the Fallen Paradise fiction by Dayne Sherman, photographs by William K. Greiner


Summer 2005

  • Michael Doucet avec BeauSoleil by Ben Sandmel, photographs by Philip Gould
  • Capitol Improvements by Karen Kingsley
  • Sign Language photo essay by Richard Sexton
  • The Heroic Struggles of Marie Rosalie Pécot by Bethany Ewald Bultman
  • Creole Lexicon by Jay Dearborn Edwards and Nicholas Kariouk Pecquet du Bellay de Verton
  • Apocalypse Now by Michael Willman
  • Tall Stacks on Louisiana’s Bayous by Carl A. Brasseaux and Keith P. Fontenot



Fall 2005

  • After Katrina and Rita essays by Anne Rice, Wynton Marsalis and Richard Ford; photographs  by David Rae Morris, Cheryl Gerber and Louis Sahuc
  • Tabasco: Edmund McIlhenny and the Birth of a Louisiana Pepper Sauce by Shane K. Bernard
  • New Orleans’ Coffee Connection by John T. Magill
  • No Man’s Land by Martin W. Schwartz


Winter 2005

  • “It’s time somebody woke us up.” an essay by Wynton Marsalis
  • Missing New Orleans by Rick Gruber
  • On Perilous Ground by John Magill
  • Back to New Orleans by John Biguenet
  • Diary of a Displaced Person by Ronnie Vigets, photos by David Rae Morris
  • Shreveport: Cradle of the Stars by Tracey E.W. Laird
  • The Terrible and the Brave by Jason Wiese


Spring 2006

  • Why New Orleans Matters by Tom Piazza, photographs by Syndey Byrd
  • A Reckoning with Rita photo essay photo essay by Neil Campbell
  • Common Routes: New Orleans and St. Domingue by John H. Lawrence and Alfred E. Lemmon
  • The Beat of the Street photo essayby L.J. Goldstein
  • A Brush with Disaster by John Kemp
  • A Solvable Problem by Richard Campanella


Summer 2006

  • New Orleans Nightscapes photo essay by Frank Relle
  • Road Scholar: Nick Spitzer and the Origins of American Routes interview by Dr. Michael Sartisky
  • San Francisco , New Orleans and Diasters of the Centuries by John T. Magill
  • Reperceiving Place by Eric Cormier, photographs by Lori Waselchuk
  • Rebounding from Rita by Eric Cormier, photographs by Lori Waselchuk
  • Across Morehouse and West Carroll Parishes with Catherine Cole foreword by Joan B. Jack McLaughlin, photographs by Lee Estes


Fall 2006

  • Rolland Golden: Journeys of a Southern Artist by John Kemp
  • The Great Deluge: Douglas Brinkley & The Writing of History interview by Dr. Michael Sartisky
  • Conspiracy of Complicity by John Kemp
  • The Red River Campaign of the Civil War 1864 by Gary D. Joiner
  • ¡Carnaval!, carnivals around the world by Barbara Mauldin
  • Watermark of Louisiana by Julie I. Dalia


Winter 2006

  • Shrink Proof City by Jed Horne, photographs courtesy of The Times Picayune
  • Printmaking in New Orleans by Jessie J. Poesch
  • The Spirited Lives of Marie Laveau by Martha Ward, photographs by Elizabeth Bick
  • Xavier Gonzales and the N.O. Lakefront Airport Murals by Vincent Caire
  • The Joy of Learning by Stephen Ambrose
  • Last of the Red Hot Poppas by Jason Berry, photos by Philip Gould
  • The Robert Tebbs Collection photo essay by Robert Tebbs
  • 2006-2007 Media Catalog


Spring 2007

  • An Artistic Legacy: The Arts & Crafts Club of New Orleans by Judith Bonner
  • From Crop Dusters to Jumbo Jets by Vincent Caire
  • The History of Banking in New Orleans by John Magill
  • Backstreets of Mardi Gras photo essay by Sylvester Francis
  • ‘We’ll keep waking!”: The Baton Rouge Civil Rights Bus Boycott of 1953 by Christina Melton
  • Phantom Lands: A Mystic Hymn of Louisiana by George Yerger and Leslie Addison
  • It’s All Greek to Me: Finding the Humanities in Children’s Literature by Dr. Michael Sartisky


Summer 2007

  • Picturing Shreveport: Photos by Burch & Bill Grabill by Robert Miciotto
  • Saving the Vieux Carré by Dr. Anthony Stanonis
  • Grace, form and motion: The Sculptures of Lin Emery by John Kemp
  • The Sugar Masters by Richard Follet
  • Katrina: Catastrophe and Catharsis 
  • Louisiana In Words edited by Joshua Clark; photographs by William Greiner
  • A Louisiana Portfolio by Christopher R. Harris



Fall 2007

  • Big Charity: A History of New Orleans’ Public Hospital by Robert D. Leighninger, Jr.
  • Making Groceries: A History of New Orleans Markets by Sally K. Reeves
  • New Orleans’ Faubourg Tremé: Rooted on Tradition by Keith Weldon Medley
  • Chinatown New Orleans by Richard Campanella
  • A Question of Secession by Gary D. Joiner
  • The Unnatural History of Cypress Parish  fiction by Elise Blackwell; photographs by Richard Sexton
  • Terra Incognita photo essayby Richard Sexton


Winter 2007

  • Katrina: Days of Terror, Months of Anguish Paintings by Rolland Golden by Rolland Golden
  • The Great Ouachita River Flood of 1932 by Dr. Thomas Aiello
  • Louisiana: Where Land Meets Water by Judith H. Bonner
  • Through A Lens Sharply: An Interview with Michael Lewis by Dr. Michael Sartisky; introduction by Peggy Wilson
  • MR-GO: A “miracle” mired in controversy by John Magill; photo essay by Cheryl Gerber
  • New Orleans: An Autopsy by Ben C. Toledano


Spring 2008

  • Jean Seidenberg: A Brush with the Intimate by Jean Seidenberg
  • Preparing the Place for Hell by James G. Hollandsworth, Jr., Ph.D.
  • LA’s Native American Basketry by Paul Tarver & Jane S. Irwin
  • Rushing into The East by John Magill
  • Portraits of Southern Artists by Jerry Siegel
  • 40 Days and 40 Nights photo essay by Donn Young
  • Conversation with a Native Son: Yusef Komunyakaa, interview by Tom Sancton; photographs by Cheryl Gerber
  • “Rumors of my death have been greatly exaggerated,” commentary by Charles W. Cannon


Summer 2008

  • George Rodrigue’s Louisiana by Michael Lewis
  • After the Flood photo essay by Robert Polidori
  • Faubourg Marigny by Keith Weldon Medley
  • Preserving New Orleans Jazz: Conversation with Tom Sancton by Bruce Raeburn
  • Baton Rouge Photographs, 1863-1910 by Mark E. Martin
  • Nature of the Beast (Gen. Butler) by Gary D. Joiner



Fall 2008

  • New Orleans Immortelle by Krista Jurisich
  • Highland-Fairfield: The Historic Heart of Shreveport by Eric J. Brock
  • Perils of the Mississippi River by Sally K. Reeves
  • Harvest of Life by Daniel d’Oney, Ph.D.
  • King Oliver: The Forgotten King of Jazz by Roger Hahn
  • Eye of the Storm photo essay by Sandra Burshell
  • Soul Resin, fiction by C.W. Cannon, Ph.D.


Winter 2008

  • Prospect.1 New Orleans
  • The Enduring Performance of Michael P. Smith by Jason Berry
  • Birds of a Feather by John H. Lawrence and Erin Greenwald
  • O. Winston Link in Louisiana by Winston Conway Link
  • The Colfax Massacre by LeeAnna Keith, Ph.D.
  • Unlocking History of Greek Key Architecture by Jay D. Edwards, Ph.D.


Spring 2009 (SOLD OUT)

  • A Pilot’s Perspective photo essay by Kevin Levine
  • The Backstory on Louisiana Story by Ryan André Brasseaux
  • Sacrificial Lands by M.L. Eichhorn
  • The Musical Career of Nellie Lutcher by Delma McLeod-Porter
  • In Search of Galveztown by Mary Ann Sternberg
  • Curse of the Mulatto, fiction by Maggie Collins, photo by Cheryl Gerber
  • Katrina Days photo essay by George Long


Summer 2009

  • Hank at the Hayride by Glen Jeansonne, Ph.D., and David Luhrssen
  • A Place of Their Own: Women Artists 1825-1965 by Judith H. Bonner
  • One Drop by Bliss Broyard
  • Our Daily bread by Michael Mizell-Nelson, Ph.D.
  • Natalie Scott: A Magnificent Life by John W. Scott, Ph.D.
  • Leonidas Polk: The Fighting Bishop by Cheryl H. White, Ph.D.



Fall 2009

  • John Biguenet: Writer Craftsman by Kathy Finn
  • Grace Before Dying, photo essay by Lori Waselchuk
  • “When I was big enough to tote a gun, I did” by Karen Leathem, Ph.D.
  • Music Flows Like Water by Bruce Boyd Raeburn
  • The Missing by Tim Gautreaux
  • Louisiana Sugar Mill, a final photo essay by Jorge Otero


Winter 2009

  • William Woodward: American Impressionist in New Orleans by Judith Bonner, Ph.D.
  • Three Generations of Coushatta Women by Linda Langley, Ph.D.; Claude Oubre, Ph.D.; and Jay Precht, Ph.D.
  • Dogs In My Life: The New Orleans Photographs of John Tibule Mendes by John H. Lawrence
  • The Lexicon of Place: Deconstructing New Orleans’ names, nicknames, and slogans by Richard Campanella
  • The World that Made New Orleans by Ned Sublette, Ph.D.
  • Showdown in Desire by Orissa Arend


Spring 2010

  • Simon Gunning: Avery Island Paintings by John R. Kemp
  • Syndey Bird Photographs photo essay by Syndey Byrd
  • Steamboats on the Red River by Eric J. Brock
  • Westend Odyssey by Tom Sancton
  • Triumph of Epicure: A Global History of New Orleans Culinary Tourism by Anthony J. Stanonis, Ph.D.
  • The Creole German by Daniel Hammer


Summer 2010

  • Allen Toussaint: Yes, he can, can! by Kathy Finn
  • St. Francisville “Happy Land” photo essay by Bevil Knapp; story by Danny Heitman
  • General Claire Lee Chennault and his Flying Tigers by William Caverlee
  • Francophone Louisiana: More than Cajun by Christophe Landry
  • Louisiana Fiddlers by Ron Yule
  • Further On Down the Road: Keachi Louisiana in the 1970s photo essay by Travis Whitfield
  • Grace King, Le Petit Salon, and the (Secret) Business of New Orleans Culture by Mary Ann Wilson, Ph.D.


Fall 2010



Winter 2010

  • Wetlands Portfolio photo essay by Marjorie Brown Pierson
  • Legacy of the Kingfish by Glen Jeansonne & David Luhrssen
  • River & Reverie: Paintings of the Mississippi by John R. Kemp
  • Saving Fats fiction by Sam Shepard
  • The Pursuit of Pleasure and Perfection by Susan Larson
  • “They call me Baby Doll:” Resurrection of a Mardi Gras Tradition by Kim Vaz


Spring 2011

  • On Becoming (and being) Louisiana’s Poet Laureate: Darrell Bourque by Ann Dobie
  • Debbie Fleming Caffery: photo essay by Debbie Fleming Caffery
  • Lincoln in Louisiana by Richard Campanella
  • Untimely Ruins photo essay by Kevin Levine
  • M. Cleland Powell, III: Self-Actualization Through Art by John R. Kemp
  • West Florida Rebellion by Paul M. Haygood


Summer 2011

  • New Orleans: What Can’t Be Lost edited by Lee Barclay; photos by Christopher Porché West
  • Acadiana: Louisiana’s Historic Cajun Country by Carl A. Brasseaux; photographs by Philip Gould
  • Rost Home Colony by Jacquelyn L. Milan
  • Bunk Johnson and the Revival of New Orleans Jazz by Bruce Boyd Raeburn
  • Alluvia a photo essay by Samuel Portera
  • George Rodrigue, The Sculptor by Wendy Rodrigue



Fall 2011

  • Congo Square: African Roots in New Orleans by Freddi Williams Evans
  • Big Ideas in Small Books by Helen Clare Taylor
  • To Preserve and Protect: 75 years of the Vieux Carré Commission by Hilary Somerville Irvin
  • Preservation Hall at 50 by Ben Jaffe
  • The Justice from the Bayou by Paul R. Baier & Georgia D. Chadwick
  • Advocate of the Atchafalaya by Anne B. Dobie



Winter 2011

  • A Unique Slant of Light: The Bicentennial History of Art in Louisiana by Michael Sartisky, Ph.D.
  • Jazz People, photo essay by Lee Friedlander, introduction by Stephen Hilger
  • The Nutria Nuisance by Shane K. Bernard, Ph.D.
  • Rachel and Andrew Jackson in New Orleans by Patricia Brady, Ph.D.
  • When Shreveport Went Dry by Gary D. Joiner, Ph.D., and Ernie Roberson
  • Julie Kane: Louisiana’s New Poet Laureate by Anne B. Dobie, Ph.D.


Spring 2012

  • The Painter and the Chef by John R. Kemp
  • Hall that Jazz by Tom Sancton; photographs by Shannon Brinkman
  • Here is Home: Photographs of North Louisiana photo essay by Jenny Ellerbe
  • Mr. New Orleans: Pete Fountain by Keith Spera
  • The Making, Unmaking, and Memory of White and Black Beaches in New Orleans by Andrew W. Kahrl
  • Louisiana Statehood: A Bicentennial by John R. Kemp



Summer 2012 (SOLD OUT)



Fall 2012

  • Ralston Crawford and Jazz by Russell Lord
  • The Kings of Casino Park by Thomas Aiello, Ph.D.
  • New Orleans Observed by Errol Barron
  • Anchored in Respectability by Beth Willinger, Ph.D.
  • Tarzan, Lord of the Louisiana Jungle by Al Bohl
  • Sweet Success by Chanda M. Nunez


Winter 2012

  • William Joyce: Shreveport’s Guardian of Childhood by Anne B. Dobie
  • Destrehan Legacy by John H. Lawrence with photos by Richard Sexton
  • The Owls of Poverty Point by William Caverlee with photos by Jenny Ellerbe
  • Hell or High Water: How Cajun Fortitude Withstood Hurricanes Rita and Ike by Ron Thibodeaux
  • Then and Now: New Orleans’ South Market District by John Magill
  • Dr. Jane Ellen McAllister & the Training of Black Teachers in Louisiana by David Rae Morris
  • P.G.T. Beauregard: A Creole in the Confederacy by Glen Jeansonne and David Luhrssen


Spring 2013

  • Louviere + Vanessa by Tony Lewis
  • The Mascot: New Orleans’ Most Notorious Newspaper by Sally Asher
  • George David Coulon and Family by Judith Bonner
  • St. Mark’s and the Social Gospel by Ellen Blue
  • Kid Ory by John McCusker
  • Self-Taught Art from NOMA’s Collection by Alice Rae Yelen


Summer 2013

  • Dixie Bohemia by John Shelton Reed
  • The Photography of Ralph Burns by J. Richard Gruber
  • Juan José & Challis Walker Calandria by John R. Kemp
  • A Case for Solomon by Tal McThenia and Margaret Dunbar Cutright
  • The Sugar Mill Sessions by David Armentor
  • French in New Orleans: The Commodification of Language Heritage by Connie C. Eble
  • Possessed by the Spirit by Glen Jeansonne and David Luhrssen


Fall 2013

  • The Faith and the Fury: Noel Rockmore and His Patron by Elizabeth Chubbuck Weinstein
  • The Goldring Collection by David Johnson
  • When Teddy Got His Bear by Kelby Ouchley
  • A Company Man: The Remarkable French-Atlantic Voyage of a Clerk for the Company of the Indies, a Memoir by Marc-Antoine Caillot
  • A More Noble Cause by Rachel L. Emanuel and Alexander P. Tureaud Jr.
  • Nathan Abshire by Roger Hahn
  • The Duck Hunters Fiction by David Armand, Photographs by George Yerger and Leslie Addison
  • Preparing for 2018 by Richard Campanella



Winter 2013



Spring 2014




Summer 2014 (SOLD OUT)



Fall 2014 (SOLD OUT)

  • Russell Long: A Life in Politics by Michael Martin
  • Carville: Amid Moss and Resurrection Fern by Gina Ferrara
  • If You Abandon Me, Comment Je Vas Faire: An Amédé Ardoin Songbook by Darrell Bourque
  • The Axman’s Jazz by Gary Krist
  • The Irish in New Orleans by Laura D. Kelley
  • Fire Shut Up in My Bones by Charles M. Blow
  • Forest Hill, Louisiana: A Bloom Town History by Cheré Coen


Winter 2014

  • Celebrating LCV 100th Issue
  • Of The Nation photo essay by Pableaux Johnson
  • How Sue Eakin Came to Know Solomon Northup by Ginger Jones
  • Banking on Art photo essay by Neil Johnson
  • The Glorious Eighth of January by Shelene Roumillat
  • The Defeat of Fazendeville by Eve Abrams
  • The Courtship of Two Doctors by Martha Fitzgerald


Spring 2015

  • A Conversation with Cokie Roberts by David Johnson
  • Passion Play photo essay by Deborah Luster
  • The Up Stairs Lounge Arson by Clayton Delery-Edwards
  • Delta Pieces: Northeast Louisiana Folklife by Susan Roach
  • The Tidelands Dispute by Leslie Alexander
  • Queen Sugar fiction by Natalie Baszile



Summer 2015


Fall 2015



Winter 2015



Spring 2016


Summer 2016



Fall 2016



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