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Partner Content: 600 Gov. Nicholls

Elaborate furnishings, historic address

Partner Content: 600 Gov. Nicholls
The French Quarter envelops any visitor in an array of mysteries. What lies behind the wrought iron balconies? Who takes rest in the hidden courtyards? Which historic figures, celebrities, and ghosts called these streets home?

Street names are themselves clues to the layers upon layers of American history contained in this world famous neighborhood. Running perpendicular to the river, near the eastern border of the Vieux Carré, Governor Nicholls Street bears the name of a fascinating political figure. A native of Donaldsonville, Francis T. Nicholls was a Civil War veteran who lost an arm at the first Battle of Winchester, in northern Virginia, and a leg at the Second Battle of Fredericksburg. After the war, he entered Louisiana politics and eventually became a central player in several monumental battles that shaped the nation. The disputed gubernatorial election of 1876 captivated the nation, with both Nicholls and Stephen B. Packard being sworn in as former Confederates and Radical Republicans squared off over Reconstruction. In the end, the Compromise of 1877 resulted in Nicholls’ ascent, the withdrawn of Union troops from Louisiana, and the end of Reconstruction.

As governor, Nicholls became an anti-corruption warrior in battles against E.A. Burke, the state treasurer; Samuel James, the operator of the convict lease system; and his own lieutenant governor, Louis Wiltz. In his second full term he dissolved the Louisiana Lottery Company, well known for its corruption and political bribes, but the Louisiana Supreme Court revoked this decision. He later became as a state Supreme Court justice, serving as chief justice from 1892 to 1904. Nicholls died in Thibodaux on January 4, 1912.

And you thought it was just a prominent address! The owner of 600 Gov. Nicholls will own a piece of history, albeit a shining example of restoration and cutting edge technology.

This exceptional single-family home is listed for $3,500,000, with 3 bedrooms, 4 bathrooms and approximately 4,973 square feet. Magnificent balconies offer clear views of the French Quarter (historic homes in the neighborhood include the Beauregard-Keyes House and the Lalaurie Mansion). The kitchen has stainless steel appliances and a large kitchen pantry. Luxury amenities include an elevator, hand-painted wallpaper, and a wall made from olive wood harvested from the Garden of Versailles.

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