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64 Parishes Social Media Code of Conduct

64 Parishes, published by the Louisiana Endowment for the Humanities, is dedicated to telling Louisiana’s stories—all of them, unvarnished and honest. While many of these stories are inspiring, some may be upsetting or provoke debate.

As the founding charter for the National Endowment for the Humanities states, “Democracy demands wisdom and vision.” The humanities are foundational to understanding our society and each other. By connecting us to history, culture, and the many ways human beings experience the world, the humanities foster wisdom and enrich our lives.

Conversation and dialogue, even when in disagreement, are key components of the humanities. When we share 64 Parishes’ stories on our social media, we welcome and encourage comments and courteous debate. To ensure a welcoming and open environment we adhere to a strict code of conduct on our social media pages.

We reserve the right to hide, delete, or report any of the following:

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above: Citizenship Class in the Hungarian Settlement in Livingston Parish, Louisiana, sometime between 1935 and 1942; Louisiana Works Progress Administration, State Library of Louisiana