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Eggstatic Visions

The Abbeville Giant Omelette Festival

Published: August 30, 2019
Last Updated: March 22, 2023

Eggstatic Visions

Photo by Paul Kieu

Cooks, referred to by the festival as chevaliers, stir eggs over a wood fire.

Supposedly, while passing through the south of France, Napoleon sampled an omelette so divine he commanded the citizens of Bessières to gather all the eggs in town so he could have one made for his soldiers to enjoy. Abbeville, Louisiana, counts itself among a select group of cities that commemorate this legendary incident with the annual preparation and consumption of a giant omelette, joining egg-loving locales in France, Belgium, Canada, Argentina, and the semi-autonomous French island territory of New Caledonia. Abbeville’s omelette uses over five thousand eggs (along with fifty pounds of onions, seventy-five bell peppers, and Tabasco “to taste”) and is gleefully shared with festival attendees.


A chevalier cracks an egg into a mixing bowl. Photo by Paul Kieu.


Chevaliers crack eggs into mixing bowls. Photo by Paul Kieu.


Olga Toups, Queen Mother of the Giant Omelette Celebration, watches the opening ceremonies. Photo by Paul Kieu.


Chevaliers cook onions and bell peppers on a giant skillet. Photo by Paul Kieu.


A chevalier tosses chopped scallions into the giant skillet. Photo by Paul Kieu.

Paul Kieu is a documentary photographer based in downtown Lafayette currently focusing on cultural events throughout Acadiana. As a Vermilion Parish native, Paul strives to express his lifelong and growing appreciation of the people and traditions of south Louisiana through his work.