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The Frame – Episode 3 – L. Kasimu Harris

Episode 3: L. Kasimu Harris

L. Kasimu Harris is a storyteller who uses writing, photography and video to push the narrative. He is a New Orleans native and has been in more than twenty group exhibitions across America, two abroad and three solo photography exhibitions, 2013, 2015 and 2016.

Harris’ work modulates between photojournalism, documenting culture and constructed realities, all in an effort to tell stories of underrepresented communities in New Orleans and beyond.  He created Parish Chic, a style column for the Oxford American and has been published in Yahoo Food, and Southern Living and The FADER. Most recently, a  feature he wrote for Edible New Orleans was selected for the book “Best Food Writing 2016” that will be published in November.




Ten Year Journey by L. Kasimu Harris:

Street Fashion by L. Kasimu Harris:

War on the Benighted by L. Kasimu Harris: