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In-Person Programs Return

Prime Time returns to in-person programming in Louisiana!

Over the last two years, disruptions brought on by the global pandemic as well as natural disasters impacting Louisiana communities required us to meet head-on the question, “how does a program whose implementation has centered on in-person gatherings for more than three decades meet the needs of its audiences when we can’t be in a space together?” In partnership with committed stakeholders, from the families and educators who engage with and benefit from our programs to the funders that make programs possible, our team developed solutions that addressed short-term needs quickly while remaining embedded in Prime Time’s uniquely effective and trusted methodology.

Now, as many of these restrictions and limitations are lessening, we are moving forward with excitement and an updated toolbox of options that promise to support partners, families, and educators well into the future, come what may. This summer we will join educators from across the state at the Louisiana Department of Education’s Teacher Leader Summit in New Orleans to present on opportunities for utilizing Prime Time’s proven and joyful intergenerational literacy programming in schools. Prime Time’s status as an approved LDOE vendor allows schools and districts to apply Family Engagement and Literacy funding to harness Prime Time’s award-winning suite of programs to improve literacy outcomes and ensure educators and families can work together implementing and participating in our turnkey programs.

Prime Time thrives in community, and we are thankful for all the ways programs have remained invested and committed to our model with virtual and analog versions of Family and Preschool Reading programs, training, and professional development. Families and educators implementing these options affirmed the benefits of sharing high-quality children’s literature and humanities-focused discussions and learning experiences especially in times of upheaval and uncertainty. This spring we were able to support a few programs in Baton Rouge, New Orleans, and St. Charles Parish, along with those in national affiliate programs, as they transitioned back to Prime Time in person. Through their experiences we were all reminded of how renewing our connections in person can deepen Prime Time’s impact and each community’s ability to access the humanities. We can’t wait to see you!