64 Parishes

The Heart of Prime Time

Since its development in 1991, Prime Time has worked with librarians, scholars, content area experts, staff, and families to develop book series, discussion guides, and grown-up guides that allow a wide variety of partner sites and families to activate family engagement in multigenerational literacy efforts. Each series includes a set of books selected with the support of content area specialists and organized into six thematic sessions. Each session’s books spark humanities discussions connected to the theme and questions among all participants including caregivers, children, educators, community organization staff, scholars, and storytellers.

Through the years, Prime Time has continued to develop new series and update series when appropriate. Each series includes a Prime Time Story, an approved set of books for Prime Time Family and Prime Time Preschool, and a discussion guide for facilitators, either site team professional staff and scholars or caregivers at home.

Prime Time series are developed, reviewed, and implemented according to a rigorous series development process with a keen focus on programmatic and mission alignment. This process is tried and true as well as flexible and inclusive. We are especially proud of our ability to include families in the book selection process, having families “try out” books at home makes each selection that much stronger. Once a series is complete at LEH, Prime Time pilots it at partner sites, reviews family and site team feedback, updates the series as needed, and launches it as an option for partners in Louisiana and beyond.

Our newest series, Of, For, and By the People, is in the pilot phase now, while feedback on the Nourish series is being reviewed in anticipation of a wider release. We are so excited for more families and communities to enjoy both!