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Egg Pocking

Cracking good Easter fun

Published: March 19, 2021
Last Updated: May 28, 2021

Egg Pocking

Photo by Maida Owens

Contestants try to crack the other’s egg during the Egg Knocking Contest on Easter morning in Marksville, 1989.

Across much of south and central Louisiana (and by some accounts as far north as Natchitoches), Easter morning sees people “pocking” eggs. The term recalls the French word for Easter, Pâques, and the satisfying sound of a cracked boiled egg. The game is simple: contestants choose an egg, then pair off to knock the eggs together to see whose breaks. Holders of intact eggs go on to “pock” each other until a winner emerges. Many people play casually with friends and family, but true aficionados can take part in organized tournaments in Marksville and Cottonport. 

Eggs ready for pocking. Photo by Maida Owens.


Correction, April 5, 2021: This article originally stated that egg pocking takes place across much of Cajun Country, but the tradition encompasses a broader geographic region, and its participants are not limited to those of Cajun ancestry. We have removed the reference to Cajun Country and recognized that egg pocking takes place across south and central Louisiana.