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A. J. Meek

An acclaimed scholar and photographer, A.J. Meek has been documenting life in Louisiana since 1977.

A. J. Meek

Courtesy of A. J. Meek

Exxon Explosion and Fire. Meek, A.J. (photographer)

An acclaimed scholar and documentary photographer, A.J. Meek has been capturing Louisiana frame-by-frame since 1977, when he arrived to start Louisiana State University’s photography program. Drawn to the symbolic nature of light and dark as well as sites of spiritual significance, Meek has documented Civil War battlefields, cane harvesting and the sugar mills, and the private and public gardens of the state. Meek has published five books, including the biography Clarence John Laughlin: Prophet Without Honor and Sacred Light: Holy Places in Louisiana, a compendium of photographs of the interiors of churches and synagogues.

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