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Krista Jurisich

New Orleans artist Krista Jurisich is best known for her photocollage art quilts produced in the aftermath of the levee failures of 2005.

Krista Jurisich

Houses Crying #2

While Krista Jurisich had earned notice for her successful photocollage and painting and as a teacher, it was the post-Hurricane Katrina New Orleans Immortelles series that catapulted her into national recognition. These photocollage art quilts are haunting visual memoirs, which in dramatic, textural detail crystallize the social, political, environmental, and artistic themes that prevailed in New Orleans in the aftermath of the destruction wrought in 2005. Immortelles are a French tradition of decorating graves with dried flowers and glass bead bouquets, a custom that was popular among New Orleanians in the nineteenth century.

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