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Wallace Merritt

Photographer Wallace Merritt's black-and-white images, whether still life or portrait, carry the high drama of film noir framing and lighting.

Wallace Merritt

Courtesy of Wallace Merritt

Joe Bananas. Merritt, Wallace (Artist)

Whether still life, portrait, or “history”—in which a found photographic print is photographed again in a new context—Wallace Merritt’s black-and-white photographs always convey a sense of mystery, teasing the viewer with an unfinished narrative begging to be investigated. Merritt came to New Orleans as a student in 1981. Since then, he has called the city his home, working as both a photographer and instructor. Merritt’s more recent work has focused on smaller, more detailed subjects. His portraits give a deep sense of physical familiarity and intimacy with his subjects, sustaining their gaze on shoulders, breasts, and biceps, while his still-life work carries the high drama of film noir framing and lighting.

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