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C’est Si Triste Sans Lui

Silk art by Megan Barra

Published: May 31, 2019
Last Updated: June 1, 2023

C’est Si Triste Sans Lui

Megan Barra, C’est Si Triste Sans Lui, 2017. Silk composition.

Textile artist Megan Barra is inspired by both Cajun French music and traditional quilts. Here, in “C’est si triste sans lui” (It’s so sad without him), she pays tribute to South Louisiana musician and songwriter Cléoma Breaux Falcon. The work shares its title with a song written by Breaux Falcon and recorded with her husband, accordionist Joe Falcon, in Atlanta in 1929. It is imprinted with photographs of Cléoma and her husband, images of her famous resonator guitar, a map of the area around Crowley where the Falcons lived and regularly performed, and the title of the song.