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64 Parishes Wins Seven Press Club of New Orleans Awards

Magazine recognized in six categories, including first place for Best Magazine, at the 62nd Annual Excellence in Journalism Awards

Published: October 16, 2020
Last Updated: October 16, 2020

64 Parishes Wins Seven Press Club of New Orleans Awards

64 Parishes’ outstanding contributors won six Press Club of New Orleans awards at last night’s virtual Excellence in Journalism Awards event, with the summer 2019 issue taking home an additional award in the Best Magazine category.

Published by the Louisiana Endowment for the Humanities64 Parishes and its contributors took home first place in nearly all of the categories it was a finalist in, with two contributors taking first and second in a single category. The PCNO received 571 total submissions this year. See below for the awards and links to read each story.


Best Magazine

First place: Erin Greenwald, Chris Turner-Neal
64 ParishesSummer 2019

Feature Reporting

First place: “Young Satchmo” by James Karst
64 ParishesSummer 2019


Second place: “View from a Windowless Room” by Kerry Myers
64 Parishes, Fall 2019

Lifestyle Reporting

First place: “Notes from a Gumbo Road Trip” by Christie Matherne Hall
64 ParishesFall 2019

Best Critical Review

First place: “Sea Changes” by Rien Fertel
64 ParishesWinter 2019



First place: “Darrell Bourque” by Akasha Rabut
64 ParishesSpring 2019

Multi-Feature Photo

Second place: “Treading Water” by Monique Verdin
64 ParishesSpring 2019