64 Parishes

Summer 2021


Our summer 2021 issue of 64 Parishes has arrived! We’re excited to present Carolyn Kolb on the equine flu of 1872, Ethan Michaeli’s explanation of the Chicago Defender‘s effect on the Great Migration in Louisiana, and Madeline Zehnder on the first short story published by an African American writer, along with Steven Melendez’s tasting notes on Louisiana orange wine and Teresa Parker Farris’s introduction to the Houma family adapting traditional garfish scale crafts for modern decor.

The issue also includes:

Plus stories by our partners at The Historic New Orleans Collection, Shreveport Regional Arts Council, The Masur Museum, the Louisiana State Museum, and the 1811 Kid Ory Historic House.

The current issue of 64 Parishes is available at retail outlets across Louisiana or can be ordered through the LEH for $5.95 plus shipping. In stock back issues are also available for $6.95. To order email troast@leh.org or call 1.800.909.7990 or 504.356.0505.

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